Servette Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Centre

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Our team of practitioners is made up of experts in physiotherapy and osteopathy, who have been working together for many years to offer our patients the best possible care. Thanks to their experience and expertise, our practitioners are able to help our patients regain their mobility and comfort, using exercises and rehabilitation tailored to each case. Whether it's muscular pain, sports injuries or mobility problems, our practitioners are here to help you regain your well-being and quality of life.

Photo of Jean Philippe Ramain physiotherapist

Jean Philippe RAMAIN

Jean Philippe RAMAIN's training and specialities

A few words about Jean Philippe RAMAIN's career

Jean-Philippe RAMAIN has undergone extensive medical and physiotherapy training.

He is passionate about sports physiotherapy. This has enabled him to become very proficient in all the techniques of manipulation, massage and gymnastics.

With more than twenty-five years' experience, he has a wealth of expertise.

Photo of Vincent Cordier  physiotherapist


Vincent CORDIER's training and specialities

A few words about Vincent CORDIER's career

Vincent CORDIER has taken a number of specialist training courses in massage, sports and muscle re-education, covering all the body's joints.

By constantly following training courses, he always strives to improve the services he provides to his patients.

With over 30 years' experience, he has a wide range of expertise in various fields (rheumatology, traumatology, orthopaedics, neurology, etc.).

Photography of Catherine Veranneman Physiotherapist Osteopath


Catherine VERANNEMAN's training and specialities

A few words about Catherine VERANNEMAN's career

Catherine is a specialist in gynaecological re-education, and can provide solutions for all phases of a woman's life (recovery of tone and strength before and after childbirth, specific gymnastics, post-surgery care, lymphatic drainage, breast cancer, perineal physiotherapy).

Catherine also has extensive experience in rheumatology and traumatology rehabilitation.

Specialising in back problems.

Photo of Thomas Verrier Physiotherapist Osteopath


Thomas VERRIER's training and specialities

A few words about Thomas VERRIER's career

A specialist in sports therapy, Thomas pays particular attention to the resumption of activities and re-training. Trained in specific joint mobilisation techniques (elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, foot), he also specialises in recovery gymnastics for the back.

If your problem is urgent or chronic, it provides the best solution to help you get back into shape as quickly as possible.

Photographie de Hélène Daniele Physiothérapeute Ostéopathe


Hélène DANIELE's training and specialities

A few words about Hélène DANIELE's career

Hélène has specialist experience in muscle and joint rehabilitation. She also specialises in an American method of muscle activation. Her massage and gymnastics techniques enable her to treat all rheumatic, traumatic and neurological pathologies. She speaks fluent Spanish.

Photographie de Charlotte Jacobs Physiothérapeute Ostéopathe

Charlotte JACOBS

Charlotte JACOBS' training and specialities

A few words about Charlotte JACOBS' career

Charlotte is passionate about muscle and joint recovery. Her osteopathy diploma complements her physiotherapy techniques. She practises sports massage and accident rehabilitation, and specialises in the treatment of spinal pain.

Photographie de Pierre Henri Mathon Physiothérapeute Ostéopathe

Pierre-Henri MATHON

Pierre-Henri MATHON's training and specialities

A few words about Pierre-Henri MATHON's career

Physiotherapist specialising in sports injuries, exercise training and re-athletisation. Manual therapy. As a physiotherapist, I can help you achieve your goals right out in the field. For example, I worked as a physiotherapist at the French Throwdown crossfit race, the Haute Route des Alpes cycling race, the Montagn'hard, the 6000 D and the UTMB as a volunteer. During my training I was lucky enough to follow UBB Rugby as a student. As a former amateur mountain bike racer myself, I understand the importance of returning to sport after an injury. I'm keen to talk to your doctors and coach to ensure that you make the best possible return to your activities and achieve your goals.

Photographie de Haris Husakovic Physiothérapeute Ostéopathe


Haris HUSAKOVIC's specialities

A few words about the work of Haris HUSAKOVIC

Haris plays a key role in the physiotherapy practice, managing the administrative, secretarial and IT tasks. His expertise and dedication ensure that the practice runs smoothly and efficiently, guaranteeing optimum service for patients and the necessary support for the healthcare professionals who work there. Thanks to Haris, the physiotherapy practice is well organised and technologically well equipped.