Centre de Physiothérapie et d'Ostéopathie de la Servette

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy (also known as masso-kinesitherapy) is a health discipline that helps develop, maintain, and restore movement and functional ability throughout life. Physiotherapists provide tools when movement and function are threatened by causes such as aging, injury, pain, or disorder.

A natural treatment

Whether you are old, young or very young, physiotherapy can bring you physical and mental well-being.

This medical discipline offers you natural, simple and adapted care.

We address your body for illnesses or accidents that affect the skeleton, the muscles, the nervous system and also the heart and breathing.

Physiotherapy helps you. That is to say that the natural healing process is just guided or initiated by the simple gestures of a professional.

Photographie d'une femme assise sur le ponton d'un lac regardant l'eau
Une femme se fait masser le dos

Our techniques

We are experienced physiotherapists. We use various techniques such as manual techniques, exercises, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and thermotherapy (ice or heat). In addition, we advise you for the rest of your recovery that it be professional, private and sporty. We also know the professionals who can help you in case your recovery is not fast enough.

For quick and lasting relief from your pain, the physiotherapist is the healthcare professional to consult.

Adapt to heal

Specialist in the treatment of movement or motor disorders, but also deficiencies or alterations in functional abilities, the Physiotherapist adapts his techniques to patients. It uses specific techniques (massages, stretching, restraints, neuromuscular relaxation, applications of electric currents, cryotherapy, balneotherapy, pressure therapy, etc.) adapted to each patient, to mobilize or stimulate damaged or altered tissues or muscles, to carry out neuromuscular rehabilitation, corrective or compensatory.

The Physio must take into account the physical capacities and the requirements of each one. An older person will take longer than a young person to recover. A top athlete will have to recover for the next competition. The Physio gives practical advice on how to sit, carry loads or move around.

We practice in our office at La Servette, but also at your home.

Photographie de massage du dos
Photo de l'accueil du Centre de Physiothérapie et d'Ostéopathie de la Servette

The Servette Physiotherapy Center

Our team of experienced practitioners is proud to have been supporting all Geneva patients for many years in their search for well-being. Our physiotherapy and osteopathy professionals help our patients regain their mobility and comfort through exercises and rehabilitation adapted to each case. We are convinced that each patient is unique and deserves personalized attention to benefit from optimal care.

Our center is ideally located in the heart of Geneva, easily accessible by public transport, to offer you a calm environment conducive to your healing. Whether you suffer from muscle pain, sports injuries or mobility issues, our practitioners are here to help you regain your well-being and quality of life.

Discover the article from Figaro Madame

We are proud to have been visited by the Figaro Madame editorial team for an exclusive interview with Jean-Philippe Ramain and Vincent Cordier, our two managers at the Servette Physiotherapy Centre. During this interview, we had the opportunity to introduce our center and our team of experienced practitioners, who are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients.

We are proud to announce that the Servette Physiotherapy Center has been placed in the “essential address” section of Madame Figaro magazine.

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